Mel Lumb

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Saint Cloche Galleries Mel Lumb is a ceramic artist working from a humble home studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Her imprint is natural, earthy, tactile with a modern Zen-aesthetic. While there is a raw feel to each piece, there is also a sense of refined beauty and a practical functionality. Not simply for admiring visually, her creations are assimilated into everyday life. Her inspiration draws upon a mash-up of influences from Danish mid-century, Japanese design and the bold confidence of the unique Australian landscape. Mel began working with clay in 2013 after more than two decades immersed in corporate marketing. Having lost touch with the creative side of business that she’d been so drawn to in the beginning. Thank goodness for all of us that she started to play with clay! The entire making process happens on her little farm in the beautiful Queensland town of Eumundi. Each piece crafted by hand; wheel-thrown raku and porcelain clays, using custom glazes and fired in a kiln powered by solar to reduce the need for fossil fuel production.