Morgan Shimeld

The work of Blue Mountains based sculptor, Morgan Shimeld, is primarily concerned with the complex arrangement of abstracted minimalist forms. He works intuitively in a creative and meditative process striving to find a natural sense of balance, strength, and elegance in his work. His sculptures, characterised by attention to structure and form, hold a powerful presence while maintaining a subtle quality of understated beauty.

Morgan’s work, incorporates cast, welded and fabricated bronze and steel, his work is highly technical and precisely finished. Morgan aims to draw the viewer in, creating a relationship between the spectator and the space in between. His practice is informed by the art movements of Minimalism, Formalism and Geometric Abstraction.

‘I am moved to create sculptures that have a clean edges and either a simple or complex geometric form, while maintaining a sense of balance and grounding. When I’m in the studio making new work it is always an intuitive, contemplative process of addition, subtraction, reduction and arrangement.’ – Morgan Shimeld.