Ben Sheers – Sculpture

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Ben Sheers’ recent works take their initial inspiration from small cut paper collages. They were born out of teaching his two young sons how to use scissors and at the same time they taught Ben about the pleasure of mark making and the sophistication of cut and paste. These works explore a visual language of shapes and forms whilst investigating a number of different materials and processes. Photography and screen printing are used in a process driven practice that at its heart seeks to retain the simplicity and magic of the initial collage work whilst employing scale to enhance the physical relationship between the viewer and the artwork. The works exploit the visual tension between mark making, flattened space and different materials to arrive at images that are both precise and poetic. Ben’s sculptures are a natural continuation of the shapes and spaces that populate the paintings. They continue a dialogue of negative and positive space in three dimensions whilst making use of the inherent qualities found in the materials from which they are made.

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