Eduardo Santos

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Born in Brazil, Eduardo Santos’ photography and art practice has developed slowly by technical experiment and intuitive process. His work has a specific sense of place, time and emotion that is deliberately obscured by the format in which they are created. The landscape is real, an actual location, yet the ability to pin-point it is rendered impossible. In some ways, Eduardo’s visual language functions like memory. The imagined and the projected replaces the real.

Ostensibly Eduardo’s work is minimal, abstract, somewhat graphic, yet all of it has a basis in the natural world. Close observation of physical events caused by nature – the subtle changes of seasons, a particular time of day and the formal structural elements in nature and architecture are all key factors that inform his work. The fact that the resulting forms differ radically from their original basis is what distinguishes him from conventional landscape traditions. He is not photographing or painting a scene. The scene is being stretched across time.

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