Sophia Szilagyi

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Sophia Szilagyi is a calm, deep thinking, talented Australian artist and her work is powerful. When you stand in front of her pigment prints you see and feel the mood and atmosphere that mirrors the ebb and flow of human emotions.

‘Light shimmers, darkness settles, the sea opens its arms to swallow up the sky. Sophia Szilagyi’s imagery evokes the natural world and imbues it with an emotional resonance through the artist’s skilful manipulation of diametrically opposed elements. Light abuts dark, the dense almost claustrophobic space in some works contrast with open seas and vast skies that imply the infinite in others.

Imagery is constructed through digital printmaking techniques, layered to create textural complexities, while capturing the oscillations in mood and atmosphere that mirror the ebb and flow of human emotions. Fear, wonder, and danger exist in these images that capture the beauty and grandeur found in the physical world, while also charting an internal topography.’ – Marguerite Brown MA ArtCur, General Manager Print Council of Australia Inc.

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