laCividina Suiseki Lounge Chair

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The inspiration behind the laCividina Suiseki Lounge Chair from Ownworld draws heavily on nature and geological volumes. The backrest is the star, giving the appearance of a backdrop pushing beyond the perimeter of the armrests and extending towards the platform-like seat in a display of reversed volumes. LaCividina’s masterful manual workmanship ensures all elements are covered and stitched to convey the distinctive qualities of a natural sculpture.

Modules are available in various sizes which can be connected to create flexible, dynamic combinations which replace classic shapes and configurations with spontaneous, harmonious unaligned arrangements. This playful blend of offset heights, widths and depths result in a sculptural form of unadulterated shapes that can be customised to suit a variety of applications.

Suiseki is designed to bring out the best in a space. Its quintessential Italian quality guarantees long-lasting performance while its modularity enables a greater scope for furnishing a range of spaces including residential and contract environments. The Suiseki collection is available upholstered in a singular fabric or can be freely combined with a selection of different fabrics.