• Simon Barlow

    Simon Barlow’s journey through life in art has taken him to many places, literally and figuratively. From fine bird illustrations… continue reading.

  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel is a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract… continue reading.

  • Julian Meagher

    Growing up around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, an area comprising some of our country’s most significant historical and cultural… continue reading.

  • Julien Jaca

    Born in Toulouse, Julien Jaca is a painter who currently lives and works in Hossegor, on the Atlantic Coast in… continue reading.

  • Rachel Coad

    Well known as a figurative painter, Rachel Coad was awarded the $50,000 Black Swan Prize for portraiture in 2016. Her… continue reading.

  • HKliving Framed Relief Art Panel B (White)

    The HKliving Framed Relief Art Panel B (White) is  a beautiful relief wall art panel, that brings your walls to… continue reading.

  • Cristina Ghetti

    Cristina Ghetti’s work is a geometric abstraction, the goal of her work is to express both an interest in the… continue reading.

  • Colin Pennock

    Irish-born artist Colin Pennock creates emotionally-driven abstracted landscapes that overflow with a controlled chaos of colour. With his studio nestled… continue reading.

  • Ash Holmes

    Ash Holmes is a Sydney-based artist who draws on colour psychology and her environment on the Northern Beaches of Sydney… continue reading.

  • Lynn Savery

    When Lynn Savery was a child, her grandmother gave her a suitcase full of furs and pearls, hats, coats, gloves… continue reading.

  • Lev Khesin

    Lev Khesin, born in 1981 in Pensa, Russia,  the son of an artist couple – father and mother icon painter… continue reading.

  • Sally West

    Drawing inspiration from the seascapes of Sydney and Bluey’s Beach on NSW mid north coast, contemporary artist Sally West  enjoys… continue reading.

  • Alexia Vogel

    Alexia Vogel, born in 1991 is a South African, Cape Town based painter who graduated from the Michaelis School of… continue reading.

  • Verity Nunan

    Verity Nunan is an emerging artist who expresses her external world and lived experiences, through layers of paint, symbolic motifs… continue reading.

  • Samuel Condon

    Samuel Condon is an Australian artist practising his art in Paris. His modes of creation revolve around painting and drawing,… continue reading.

  • Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor’s art can be described as ironic and self-reflexive. He draws together themes and narratives that inform his everyday… continue reading.

  • Dale Frank

    Dale Frank is a contemporary Australian artist. Best known for his colorful paintings, he also works with sculpture, performance, and… continue reading.

  • Melissa Boughey

    Melissa Boughey’s painting practice speaks of a life lived on the land and an intimate connection with both the wild… continue reading.

  • Martine Edmur

    MARTINE EMDUR- THE ART OF IMMERSION What could possess more elemental duality than water? It is the source of life… continue reading.

  • Heath Wae

    Heath Wae is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales. Following his graduation from… continue reading.

  • Katie Daniels

    Saint Cloche Galleries Melbourne-based artist Katie Daniels, an emerging artist with a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of… continue reading.

  • Andy Harwood

    Andy Harwood is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, who has exhibited work for 15 years. Harwood has established a… continue reading.

  • Ali McNabney-Stevens

    Ali McNabney-Stevens is a Melbourne based contemporary artist who depicts landscape and floral scenes through expression gestures of paint, sketchy… continue reading.

  • Stanislas Piechaczek

    French artist Stanislas Piechaczek brings to his linen a distinct, fresh conversation via figuration. The works sit between an unusual… continue reading.

  • Lilianne Ivins

    Lilianne Ivins is an emerging artist based in Sydney, known for her haunting and melancholy landscapes. “My paintings explore the… continue reading.

  • Karlee Rawkins

    Based in the beautiful mid-north coast of New South Wales, Karlee Rawkins has a vast and rich landscape full of… continue reading.

  • Ari Athans

    “Science underpins all my work,” says Ari Athans. Geography, geology, and topography combine in her paintings to resonate with a… continue reading.

  • Sepideh Ilsley

    Sepideh Ilsley is a contemporary artist who draws upon her graphic design background to produce an abstracted, monochrome body of… continue reading.

  • Robbie Harmsworth

    Robbie Harmsworth is a Melbourne based artist, who recontextualises neoclassical forms and figures with a contemporary method of making. With… continue reading.

  • Kirra Jamison

    Kirra Jamison cultivates ideas. Initial kernels of intuition germinate into lines, forms and patterns that branch and weave and interlay… continue reading.

  • Klein Breekwerk

    Klein Breekwerk at Otomys Contemporary.

  • Abbey McCulloch

    Women as social beings: mothers, daughters, sisters – the manner in which the feminine might present itself when the public… continue reading.