• Simon Barlow

    Simon Barlow’s journey through life in art has taken him to many places, literally and figuratively. From fine bird illustrations… continue reading.

  • Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor’s art can be described as ironic and self-reflexive. He draws together themes and narratives that inform his everyday… continue reading.

  • Kirrily Hammond

    The painting practice of Kirrily Hammond depicts the urban environment has been a constant theme in her work, and while… continue reading.

  • Lori Pensini

    The painting practice Lori Pensini reflects the experience of living on pastoral land in remote Western Australia. Driven by her… continue reading.

  • Rachel Coad

    Rachel Coad has a  figurative painting practice that spans 20 years. Well known as a figurative painter, she was awarded… continue reading.

  • Joanna Logue

    Joanna Logue’s paintings are inspired by the landscape surrounding her studio in Oberon. Interested in the tension created by the juxtaposition… continue reading.

  • Sam Michelle

    Sam Michelle was born in New Zealand and moved to Melbourne in 2001. From a family of talented creatives (sketch… continue reading.

  • Hillary Herman

    Australian artist, Hilary Herrmann, has been painting about the “everyday” for over two decades. She finds inspiration from the surroundings… continue reading.

  • Caroline Denervaud

    Through Caroline Denervaud’s performance she creates marks – marks of movement, marks of time, marks of emotions. Letting feelings and… continue reading.

  • Sue Lovegrove

    Sue Lovegrove ’s painting practice reflects an intimate and personal experience of landscape; often remote and isolated places that are relatively… continue reading.

  • Kerry Armstrong

    Kerry Armstrong is an Australian abstract expressionist painter best known for her bold, large scale, contemporary artworks. Experimental and raw,… continue reading.

  • Veronica Cay

    Veronica Cay is an accomplished Australian contemporary figurative artist. Focusing on the practices of drawing and sculpture Veronica reflects upon… continue reading.

  • Susanne Kerr

    Susanne Kerr is a New Zealand-based artist who has had a successful and extensive exhibition record since 2003. As a… continue reading.

  • Julian Meagher

    Growing up around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, an area comprising some of our country’s most significant historical and cultural… continue reading.

  • Wilma Tabacco

    Born in the province of L’Aquila, Italy, Wilma Tabacco has lived in Australia since childhood, yet her diverse art practice reflects her… continue reading.

  • Michael Muir

    Michael Muir’s work explores the simplification and interpretation of various forms predominately being the built environment. With an emphasis on… continue reading.

  • Tim Allen

    Tim Allen is a painter in the landscape tradition who creates gestural works from a studio in the Blue Mountains… continue reading.

  • HKliving Framed Relief Art Panel B (White)

    The HKliving Framed Relief Art Panel B (White) is  a beautiful relief wall art panel, that brings your walls to… continue reading.

  • Jonny Niesche

    Jonny Niesche’s hypnotic minimalism imbues abstract colour with the glitz of 70s glam rock. Niesche reduces painting and sculpture to… continue reading.

  • Evi O

    Saint Cloche Galleries Evi O has been exhibiting since 2015. With a curious eye and mind, she is constantly exploring… continue reading.

  • Ari Athans

    “Science underpins all my work,” says Ari Athans. Geography, geology, and topography combine in her paintings to resonate with a… continue reading.

  • Leah Thiessen

    Leah Thiessen has abstract, highly layered images which are created in direct response to bush, beaches and mangroves that surround… continue reading.

  • Annika Romeyn

    Striving to connect the realms of micro and macro, representation and abstraction, Annika Romeyn has recent artworks inspired by rock… continue reading.

  • Tomislav Nikolic

    Tomislav Nikolic has artful provocations which don’t initially appear sufficiently wilful to start a revolution. Of course the best art doesn’t… continue reading.

  • Wendy Kelly

    Wendy Kelly (nee Malcolm) was born in Melbourne and her primary and secondary schooling took place in the Port Phillip… continue reading.

  • Lilianne Ivins

    Lilianne Ivins is an emerging artist based in Sydney, known for her haunting and melancholy landscapes. “My paintings explore the… continue reading.

  • Louise Blyton

    Melbourne based Louise Blyton is well known for her reductive pigment on linen works in both 2D and 3D. Louise… continue reading.

  • Lev Khesin

    Lev Khesin, born in 1981 in Pensa, Russia,  the son of an artist couple – father and mother icon painter… continue reading.

  • Anne-Marie Zanetti

    The contemporary, expressive style of Anne-Marie Zanetti combines simple, flowing elements with rich colour, tone and detail. Her highly realistic… continue reading.

  • Colin Pennock

    Irish-born artist Colin Pennock creates emotionally-driven abstracted landscapes that overflow with a controlled chaos of colour. With his studio nestled… continue reading.

  • Saxon Quinn

    Saint Cloche Galleries Saxon Quinn takes a cue from the asphalt sprawl streetscapes of our cities in his work. Inspired… continue reading.

  • Eduardo Santos – Painting

    Born in Brazil, Eduardo Santos studied in London at St Martins College of the Arts and then spent two years… continue reading.