• Piet Raemdonck

    Piet Raemdonck (b. 1972) is a Belgian artist who lives and paints from his studio near Ghent. Piet is stimulated… continue reading.

  • Fiona Barret-Clark

    Saint Cloche Galleries Fiona Barrett-Clark is an emerging painter creating distinctively Australian, contemporary landscape paintings, which capture the ever-changing mood… continue reading.

  • Justin Maurice Scivetti

    Saint Cloche Galleries Justin Maurice Scivetti is a figurative Landscape painter based in Melbourne. His artistic practice is balanced by… continue reading.

  • Katie Eraser

    For Narrm-based contemporary artist Katie Eraser, emotion is at the core of how art conveys our experience of being in… continue reading.

  • Phoebe Halpin

    Phoebe Halpin creates delicate works on canvas that directly respond to the Australian landscape. Halpin is an exciting emerging artist… continue reading.

  • Dale Frank

    Dale Frank is a contemporary Australian artist. Best known for his colorful paintings, he also works with sculpture, performance, and… continue reading.

  • Katie Daniels

    Saint Cloche Galleries Melbourne-based artist Katie Daniels, an emerging artist with a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of… continue reading.

  • Stanislas Piechaczek

    French artist Stanislas Piechaczek brings to his linen a distinct, fresh conversation via figuration. The works sit between an unusual… continue reading.

  • Martine Edmur

    MARTINE EMDUR- THE ART OF IMMERSION What could possess more elemental duality than water? It is the source of life… continue reading.

  • Joanna Logue

    Joanna Logue’s paintings are inspired by the landscape surrounding her studio in Oberon. Interested in the tension created by the juxtaposition… continue reading.

  • Colin Pennock

    Irish-born artist Colin Pennock creates emotionally-driven abstracted landscapes that overflow with a controlled chaos of colour. With his studio nestled… continue reading.

  • Caroline Denervaud

    Through Caroline Denervaud’s performance she creates marks – marks of movement, marks of time, marks of emotions. Letting feelings and… continue reading.

  • Julien Jaca

    Born in Toulouse, Julien Jaca is a painter who currently lives and works in Hossegor, on the Atlantic Coast in… continue reading.

  • Alex Xerri

    Saint Cloche Galleries Alex Xerri is a painter/ceramicist from Sydney. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in… continue reading.

  • Clare Brodie

    Clare Brodie’s paintings are from her meditative walks through her local bush where she draws a sense of peace as… continue reading.

  • Brooklyn Whelan

    Born and raised in Sydney, Brooklyn Whelan is one of Australia’s leading contemporary visual artists. Working primarily with acrylics and… continue reading.

  • Sally West

    Drawing inspiration from the seascapes of Sydney and Bluey’s Beach on NSW mid north coast, contemporary artist Sally West  enjoys… continue reading.

  • Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula

    Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula was an Aboriginal Australian painter born in the 1930’s. Their work was featured in several exhibitions at… continue reading.

  • Saxon Quinn

    Saint Cloche Galleries Saxon Quinn takes a cue from the asphalt sprawl streetscapes of our cities in his work. Inspired… continue reading.

  • Ari Athans

    “Science underpins all my work,” says Ari Athans. Geography, geology, and topography combine in her paintings to resonate with a… continue reading.

  • Jacob Spokes

    Jacob Spokes’s work is a celebration of both process and chance. His attraction to this began with continuous line drawing…. continue reading.

  • Meg Walters

    Originally hailing from the sub-tropical island of Bermuda, Meg Walters pursued a degree with Chelsea College of the Arts, London,… continue reading.

  • Ben Sheers

    The recent works of Ben Sheers take their initial inspiration from small cut paper collages. They were born out of teaching his… continue reading.

  • Greer Clayton

    Greer Clayton explores the ethereal qualities of the New Zealand landscape through form, diffused line and layers of pearlised acrylic…. continue reading.

  • Carissa Karamarko

    Saint Cloche Galleries Carissa Karamarko is an emerging Australian artist from Sydney whose artistic career came via the converging paths… continue reading.

  • Craig Handley

    Craig Handley is a realist painter who lives and works in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. On leaving school he completed a signwriting… continue reading.

  • Ben Crase

    Ben Crase is an American figurative painter. Originally from Butte, Montana, Ben is now based out of San Diego, California…. continue reading.

  • Lynn Savery

    When Lynn Savery was a child, her grandmother gave her a suitcase full of furs and pearls, hats, coats, gloves… continue reading.

  • Bec Smith

    Bec Smith is a Melbourne-based artist who has practiced art and design in both Australia and overseas for over 20… continue reading.

  • Richard Whadcock

    Richard Whadcock studied on a general fine art course at Bristol Art College from 86-89 followed by a Masters Degree… continue reading.

  • Sepideh Ilsley

    Sepideh Ilsley is a contemporary artist who draws upon her graphic design background to produce an abstracted, monochrome body of… continue reading.

  • Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor’s art can be described as ironic and self-reflexive. He draws together themes and narratives that inform his everyday… continue reading.