Parma Motion Sofa

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The new Parma powered motion sofa is designed by celebrated Dutch designer, Frans Schrofer. Unlike traditional motion designs, the Parma sofa is light and doesn’t flaunt its motion capabilities. In fact, you won’t know that it is a motion sofa at all, until it springs into silent life at the touch of a button. Characterised by masculine lines, folded stitch details and sleek, sculptural legs, the Parma’s back/neck rests and footrests can all be adjusted independently via concealed soft-touch switches located between the seat and armrest. The ideal configuration can be built through Parma’s three modules: a one-seater, without armrests, a one-seater with single armrest (left or right) and a conventional two-and-a-half seater with armrests. The Parma sofa can be ordered in BoConcept’s full range of over a hundred luxury leathers and fabrics.