Aboutwater AA/27 Tap

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The Aboutwater collection, fruit of a partnership between the manufacturers Boffi and Fantini. AA/27 enriches the Aboutwater collection alongside products by Piero Lissoni, Naoto Fukasawa, and Paik Sun Kim. The choice of designers for the Aboutwater brand is guided by the philosophy of seeking the expressive idioms of international creative minds who represent, each in his or her own specific way, the cutting edge of design.

AA/27 Unexpected, like many of Anastassiades’ projects, the faucet is composed of two distinct elements – the lever and the spout – united by a third, horizontal cylindrical element. The three elements are in perfectly balanced proportion in terms of dimensions, thicknesses, and volumes. But it is the effect of the suspended spout, not supported by the washbasin, that is the most innovative and surprising technical and aesthetic factor, making this project unique and particular with respect to what is currently available.

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