Blue Fluted Mega Rectangular Tray

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The Blue Fluted Mega Rectangular Tray is an exclusive dish with beautiful blue-painted details. It looks wonderful on a nicely laid table or as a decorative ornament in any of the rooms in your home.

Blue Fluted Mega is both comfortingly familiar and surprisingly refreshing. In this unusual reinterpretation of the blue fluted pattern, selected details have been enlarged but are still painted by hand, preserving the original and unique vivid blue effect.

The Blue Fluted Mega pattern was created by the young design student Karen Kj. In 2000, fresh from her studies at the Danish Schoolof Design, graduate Karen Kjældgård-Larsen knocked on the doors of Royal Copenhagen to present a dramatic new concept. Having been brought up using the much-loved Blue Fluted Plain service at home, she had the innovative idea of taking small sections of the famous floral design and blowing them up to a much larger scale.