Natural Rugs

  • Nahla Rug

    The Nahla Rug is Hand woven in India and is made of Wool and Mohair. 250 x 300cm – this can be… continue reading.

  • Armadillo Malawi Rug – Wren

    Armadillo Malawi Rug – Wren evokes novelty and nostalgia with rows of hand-knotted wool framed by a tasselled fringe. The… continue reading.

  • Tigmi Scalloped Jute – Natural

    The Tigmi Scalloped Jute in a Natural hue has a surprisingly soft finish featuring natural jute with a scalloped edge,… continue reading.

  • Armadillo Paragon Rug – Birch

    With its neutral hues and complex pattern, the Armadillo Paragon Rug – Birch invites further exploration and quietly enlivens both… continue reading.

  • Armadillo River – Natural

    The Armadillo River – Natural is inspired by gentle ripples and eddies. This weave is crafted by hand on a… continue reading.

  • Halcyon Lake Reuber Henning Twill 2 Sun

    The Halcyon Lake Reuber Henning Twill 2 Sun is unique in that it’s meticulously woven diagonally, producing a reversible rug… continue reading.

  • Tigmi Trading Blurred Azilal

    Tigmi Trading Blurred Azilal, a rare vintage carpet handwoven in Morocco by the Azilal tribe in the 1970s. Made from the… continue reading.

  • Natural Rugs Heidi Jute

    Natural Rugs Heidi Jute features a textured look and the Panama-style-weave. Includes two finishing options; selvedge and tuck with latex… continue reading.

  • Armadillo Ravine Rug – Quarry

    Reminiscent of the Grand Canyon’s carved-out chasms, the Armadillo Ravine Rug – Quarry introduces the artistry of jute into the Earth… continue reading.

  • Armadillo Terrain – Natural (Nook Rug)

    The Armadillo Terrain – Natural (Nook Rug) is easy on the eye and luxurious underfoot, elevating interiors with its undulating… continue reading.