Justin Maurice Scivetti

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Saint Cloche Galleries Justin Maurice Scivetti is a figurative Landscape painter based in Melbourne. His artistic practice is balanced by a career in horticulture and landscaping, as well as nourishing his passion for plants working at a nursery.

Floating somewhere between the real and unreal, his landscapes imbue a type of fantasy; they appear mysterious and other-worldly conjuring a quiet stillness. They are inspired by the natural and built environment, exploring subtleties in colour and light to bring the works to life.

Justin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Printmaking, after graduating from the National Art School in 2011, a Diploma of Fine Arts – Painting & Photography, St. George TAFE, Sydney in 2008, and more recently, a Diploma of applied Horticultural Science – Melbourne Polytechnic, 2017. He has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Sydney, and Melbourne, and has been a finalist in several art prizes – including recently receiving the Oil Painting Prize in the Waverly Art Prize 2019.