Salvatori Farfalla Ceiling Light

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True to its name, Farfalla, the Italian word for ‘butterfly’, the Salvatori Farfalla Ceiling Light floats and flutters. The long, slender casing is carved from a single piece of Bianco Carrara marble, containing an LED lamp, exuding a delicate, soft light through the near-transparent stone.

Farfalla was designed by the Italian architect and interior designer Marco Carini, known for his exploration of light and form, balanced beauty and often ironic, light-hearted touch.

He envisaged Farfalla used either as a single piece or in a combination of three, suspended at various heights to accentuat.
Like a cloud of migrating butterflies, the beauty of the Farfalla light is accentuated when it is used in a configuration of three, angled and oriented depending on the effect you wish to achieve.