• Salvatori Kore – The Village Project (Petra)

    Patricia Urquiola interprets the concept of home for Salvatori Kore – The Village Project (Petra), which aims to reflect upon… continue reading.

  • John Nicholson

    John Nicholson’s newest works in Merge  ( a direct continuum from his 2015 exhibition, Traffic at Sarah Cottier Gallery) evince his continuing… continue reading.

  • Stephanie Phillips Ceramics

    Stephanie Phillips Ceramics collection is by the  ceramic artist from Sydney, Australia. She draws strong influence in her artistic direction… continue reading.

  • Mel Lumb

    Saint Cloche Galleries Mel Lumb is a ceramic artist working from a humble home studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland…. continue reading.

  • David Umemoto Settlements

    David Umemoto follows a slow creative process seeking to imitate the erosion and re-creation cycles of nature. He reacts to… continue reading.

  • Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase

    The Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase was created for the Landskein exhibition by Kerryn Levy and Theresa Hunt in September 2020. ‘Sleeping… continue reading.

  • Bitossi Rocchetto Vase

    The Bitossi Rocchetto Vase – hand-turned in white clay. Two-tone matt black and white glaze. All Bitossi Ceramiche are unique pieces… continue reading.

  • Dion Horstmans

    Dion Horstmans strong, dynamic works embody his infinite energy. In his journey to become a full time artist, Horstmans spent… continue reading.

  • Anchor Ceramics – Sculpture by Bruce Rowe

    Based in Melbourne, Australia, Anchor Ceramics is a design studio that operates in an applied research, prototyping and product development… continue reading.

  • Kristina Dam Studio Marble Circle

    Two unbroken circles make this changeable Marble Circle sculpture from Kristina Dam Studio. Add your personal touch by arranging the… continue reading.

  • Morgan Shimeld

    The work of Blue Mountains based sculptor, Morgan Shimeld, is primarily concerned with the complex arrangement of abstracted minimalist forms…. continue reading.

  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel is a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract… continue reading.

  • Ben Sheers – Sculpture

    Ben Sheers’ recent works take their initial inspiration from small cut paper collages. They were born out of teaching his… continue reading.

  • Tessy King

    Tessy King is a ceramic artist based on the Clarence River in NSW working from her shed studio. During her… continue reading.

  • Bettina Willner

    Bettina Willner’s studio practice is an enquiry in clay and life – she makes objects in the ceramic medium. In… continue reading.

  • Louise Blyton

    Louise Blyton is a reductive artist exploring the romance of raw linen and dry pigment. Recently, Louise has presented a… continue reading.

  • Robert Owen

    Born in Sydney, Robert Owen studied sculpture at the National Art School, Sydney and Graduated in 1962. Owen then lived… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Kyoto

    The Studio Kieu Kyoto was inspired by Kieu Tran’s travels to Japan and the feeling of acceptance, comfort, and familiarity… continue reading.

  • Stephen Ormandy – Sculpture

    Stephen Ormandy – Sculpture: “My work is born of the subconscious mind. I’m looking for vibration and rhythm, the play… continue reading.

  • Carl Emil Jacobsen: Don’t Know What Shape I’m In

    Carl Emil Jacobsen: Don’t Know What Shape I’m In, explores the embedded potentials within forms and materials in response to objective… continue reading.

  • J19

    The J19 range of handmade sculptures are designed to be simple forms sitting quietly within a space, creating a visual… continue reading.

  • BoConcept Mango Leaf Sculpture

    The BoConcept Mango Leaf Sculpture is a striking  sculptural piece with organic forms to recreate a mango leaf.

  • denHolm FLOWER

    Welcome a forever flower into your home with the limited edition one stem FLOWER by denHolm. Carved entirely by hand… continue reading.

  • Rope Sculpture

    The Rope Sculpture by Doug Johnston has been focused on a process of coiling and stitching rope into a wide… continue reading.

  • Great Dane Kukkii

    Hartikainen’s unique Great Dane Kukkii sculptures were awarded Product of the Year 2017 at the prestigious Finnish design gala, Muoto…. continue reading.

  • Ella Reweti

    Ella Reweti is a Melbourne-based ceramicist working predominantly with slipcasting techniques to create functional, sculptural pieces inspired by industrial architectural… continue reading.

  • Lyle XOX

    Lyle XOX, the Vancouver Canada-based artist has developed a practice that combines his experience in art, fashion, design, and make-up… continue reading.

  • Lex Williams Vol. 1 – Vessel 1

    Lex Williams Vol. 1 – Vessel 1 is from the collection ‘Liminality’ by Byron Bay artist Lex Williams, a collection… continue reading.

  • Vase Volcanic Medium Grey

    The Medium Volcanic Vase is part of Lightly’s 2015  ‘Minerals’ collection. This exquisite piece is handmade from the finest minerals… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Confide In Me

    From Studio Kieu, Confide in Me captures an intimate moment between two people. It’s a moment of confidence, of shared… continue reading.

  • Anya Pesce

    Anya Pesce is a Sydney based artist, whose art practice addresses surface, colour and materiality. Pesce explores the way in… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Resilience

    Kieu Tan started this Studio Kieu Resilience sculpture in the days following the tragic death of George Floyd. This sculpture… continue reading.