Skandilock Curly 17 mm in Espresso

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Skandilock Curly 17 mm in Espresso is the perfect sheepskin for your upholstery project, it is good to know that no two sheepskins are ever identical. The difference in the wool’s structure, density and original color means that the skin’s ability to absorb dye varies within the same color batch. It is, however, precisely these qualities that enable us to offer an unique product. When preparing an order, our sorting process makes sure the skins have the same wool structure and color. To make panels or single out hides for a piece of furniture, approximately 50-100 skins are considered to find the perfect match. Below you will find detailed information about our different skin qualities, colors charts and download material fact sheets.

Interiors Featuring Skandilock Curly 17 mm in Espresso