Slimline Pendants

  • Buzzi & Buzzi The Tube

    The Buzzi & Buzzi Tube is a pendant light with a minimal design. It’s diameter is 15mm and makes it… continue reading.

  • Volker Haug Discus 2

    Volker Haug Discus 2 features hard materials that create a soft presence. Balancing platforms of stone rest on lengths of… continue reading.

  • Zero Ginza – Horizontal

    Zero Ginza – Horizontal – A spotlight mounted on a strip: simple and practical. Above a table or in front… continue reading.

  • Potter DS

    The Potter DS range includes a linear ceramic pendant and wall light, and is made using a hybrid of old-school… continue reading.

  • Tubino Pendant

    The Tubino Pendant for Viabizzuno is a refined and elegant multi-use pendant light. Available in various sizes, finishes and shapes the pendant… continue reading.

  • Marchetti Ulaop Pendant

    This Marchetti Ulaop Pendant was born from an initial idea that is almost Utopian: let the light source free from… continue reading.

  • Antonangeli Archetto Freedom

    The Antonangeli Archetto Freedom embraces from the ‘Spatialism’ the liberty of the creative act. The vision is that of Lucio… continue reading.

  • David Pompa Meta Parallel 142

    David Pompa Meta Parallel 142 features light sculptures that create a displacement of volcanic rocks suspended in space. The collection… continue reading.

  • Rakumba Typography VELA

    An interplay of light and shadow that alludes to an eclipse, is a fundamental aspect of the Rakumba Typography VELA…. continue reading.