Slimline Pendants

  • Arkoslight Art Pendant

    The Arkoslight Art Pendant designed by Ruben Saldana & Luis Latras,  highlights the extent to which minimalist design can impact on any… continue reading.

  • Potter DS

    The Potter DS range includes a linear ceramic pendant and wall light, and is made using a hybrid of old-school… continue reading.

  • Hedra Pendant

    The Hedra Pendant features a sleek and simple design. It is the perfect light for layering, and is available in… continue reading.

  • Kevin Reilly Kanaal Pendant

    The Kevin Reilly Kanaal Pendant is an example of Kevin Reilly’s ability to produce beautifully original sources of light that… continue reading.

  • Apparatus Circuit 2 Pendant

    The Apparatus Circuit 2 Pendant creates rhythm with the repetition of pure shapes. A glowing glass capsule nests in a… continue reading.

  • Mobile Chandelier 3

    The Mobile Chandelier 3 has a black painted brass finish, mouth blown opaline spheres and a pendant rod length to order.

  • About Space ASP FOURTY5

    The ASP FOURTY5 from the About Space lighting range is a smooth, slimline pendant available in black, aluminium and white…. continue reading.

  • Salvatori Farfalla Ceiling Light

    True to its name, Farfalla, the Italian word for ‘butterfly’, the Salvatori Farfalla Ceiling Light floats and flutters. The long, slender… continue reading.

  • Microline 40/40 Pendant + Profile

    The Microline 40/40 Pendant + Profile is part of a series of slim, made-to-measure LED profiles which stand out for… continue reading.

  • Zero Ginza – Horizontal

    Zero Ginza – Horizontal – A spotlight mounted on a strip: simple and practical. Above a table or in front… continue reading.

  • RBW Vitis

    Designed so that no two installations are exactly alike, RBW Vitis, is a draped modular statement chandelier with endless customizable… continue reading.

  • Satelight Ionic Pendant Light

    Satelight Ionic Pendant Light is designed and manufactured in Australia, using locally sourced materials and fabricated in house with a… continue reading.

  • About Space 2BY4 RND

    About Space 2BY4 RND is a natural timber minimalist pendant light, a sleek addition to any kitchen or dining space…. continue reading.

  • Apparatus Twig 5 Pendant

    The Apparatus Twig 5 Pendant articulates elbows and brass shades creating a sophisticated armature that emits soft pools of light…. continue reading.

  • Viabizzuno Profilo GC Pendant

    Designed by Guido Canali in 2016, the Viabizzuno Profilo GC Pendant light is an elegant, IP20 rated suspension light fitting… continue reading.

  • Christopher Boots Meteor 2100

    The Christopher Boots Meteor 2100 implements a delicate hand-picked selection of gradations of natural smoky quartz and natural clear quartz,… continue reading.

  • Lee Broom Orion Globe Light – Polished Gold

    The Lee Broom Orion Globe Light – Polished Gold comprises simple modular lights with opposing opaque and solid polished gold spheres… continue reading.

  • Highline

    Highline in solid brass is an understated and elegant piece, and its strategic LED placement allows for both up and… continue reading.

  • Satelight Unwind Rope Light

    The Satelight Unwind Rope Lightis a flexible light kit that inspires simple creativity to express your own lighting design. The… continue reading.

  • Areti Mimosa Pendant

    The Atelier Areti Mimosa Pendant is a unique pendant with a cluster of white glass globes around powder coated metal… continue reading.

  • Barra d’oro Pendant

    The simple and streamline design of the Barra d’oro Pendant by Peter Zumthor makes it an est favourite whether it’s hanging above… continue reading.

  • Tubino Pendant

    The Tubino Pendant for Viabizzuno is a refined and elegant multi-use pendant light. Available in various sizes, finishes and shapes the pendant… continue reading.

  • About Space 2BY3 BRS

    About Space 2BY3 BRS is a minimal brass pendant with natural timber, producing an elegant luminance and through a linear… continue reading.

  • Vibia Sticks

    Fusing technology, space, and architecture, Vibia Sticks offers a creative lighting toolkit for integrating light elements in an interior space…. continue reading.

  • Delta Light Still Pendant

    Th light source of the Delta Light Still Pendant is off-center from its point of suspension, creating an elegant and… continue reading.

  • Satelight Entwine Pendant Light

    The Satelight Entwine Pendant Light is a true statement piece, featuring glowing woven fabric rope. The illuminating rope elegantly loops… continue reading.

  • Tagline Suspended

    The Tagline made-to-measure profile provides an ultra-minimalistic light line that integrates seamlessly with the architectural lines of your project. Limited… continue reading.

  • Rakumba Typography VELA

    An interplay of light and shadow that alludes to an eclipse, is a fundamental aspect of the Rakumba Typography VELA…. continue reading.

  • Occhio Mito Volo 100

    The full talent of the Occhio Mito Volo 100 shines through when you interact with it. The height of this… continue reading.

  • Potter DS

    Bruce Rowe’s authentic and honest design aesthetic provides the masterful direction for his artisanal ceramics skills and the technology used… continue reading.

  • Vibia Halo Jewel (Linear)

    The Vibia Halo Jewel (Linear) is a Martín Azúa design. The Halo Jewel collection presents light as a precious element… continue reading.


    The ASP TUBOS COMPLETE from the About Space lighting range is an understated, tube-like pendant light which is a metre… continue reading.