Smeg 60cm Dolce Stil Novo Thermoseal Plus Pyrolytic Oven

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The Smeg 60cm Dolce Stil Novo Thermoseal Plus Pyrolytic Oven with steam assist, presents design and style innovation. Three levels of steam injection offer greater cooking versatility and results. Cooking is elevated to professional status; meat and fish remain succulent, pastry is crisp and bread is cooked with a golden crust. Smeg’s pyrolytic cycle locks the door and heats the oven to around 500ºC. This process carbonises food residue or burnt-on grease to a small amount of ash, which can be simply wiped away. Smeg also has Eco Pyro – to reduce energy consumption.

Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo collection presents uninterrupted lines, precision craftsmanship and elegance – beautiful yet purposeful appliances. The comprehensive collection features exclusive, beautiful and truly unique aesthetics with refined copper or stainless steel detailing. Partnered with leading technology and superior performance, they make the perfect addition to the modern and contemporary home.