Glas Italia SIMOON Tavolini/Coffee Table

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The Glas Italia SIMOON Tavolini/Coffee Table is part of the new collection of Glas Italia coffee tables designed by Patricia Urquiola. The project is based on deliberately simplified geometrics, bringing to life constructions featuring essential and defined lines, highlighting the material, the true protagonist of Simoon. The collection is born from the desire to explore the infinite possibilities of glass, goingfar beyond the most common aesthetic ideas. The collaboration between Urquiola and Glas Italia has made it possible to interpret glass constantly in new and unexpected ways.

For Simoon, the experimentation has led to a “glass-non-glass”, a solid and pleasing material to the eye and touch, thanks to the ground glass surface created from
recycled glass from production waste. A sheet rests delicately on the slabs that define these miniature architectures, presented at the Supersalone in the bold colours of dark topaz and amethyst. The confluence of a conceptual design with the surprise of glass that has a strong material soul, aimed and visualized to research circularity.
A series of low tables created by UV bonding 12 mm thick shiny ground polished extra light glass sheets, whose surface is coated with a special layer, made from ground recycled Murano glass, available in amethyst and dark topaz colours.