Missoni Home Alfred 160 Towel

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With an explosion of colour, the intricate and wonderful textural elements of the jacquard design comes the Missoni Home Alfred 160 Towel. The iconic zig-zag pattern is bold and vibrant and has the ability to elevate your bathroom. Delve deep in the endless possibility of colour and pairing options. Complement with more subdued Rex textures if you want the pattern to be a focus otherwise, don’t be afraid to collide patterns that give your bathroom the life it deserves. With a luxuriously soft feel, this towel is made up of 100% cotton with velour on one side and terry towelling on the other.

Optical brighteners are not our friend! This chemical is added to washing powder to keep shirts ‘white’ but will dramatically lessen the life of the beautiful colours on your Missoni Home pieces. Select Eco-friendly washing products or read the fine print.

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