Molinari Living Otto Seating System Sofa

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The Molinari Living Otto Seating System Sofa is a distinctive new seating system created for comfort and conversation. Designer Lucy Kurrein had the social intimacy of a campfire in mind for her latest collaboration Molinari Design. The resulting form of Otto is based on the equal segments of an octagon, gently curling users towards each other around a central open space.

“The gently scalloped back that encloses you while sitting is a nod to the enclosure of a baseball glove,” explains Kurrein. “It has a comforting, reassuring quality and instantly communicates durability.”

The stand-alone pieces available are an armchair, a straight two-seat sofa, three-seat sofa and an angled two-seat sofa. All configurations have been calculated so people sitting on them have an equal width of seat and are equidistant from one another.