Stone & Ceramic Pendants

  • Anchor Ceramics Potter Light

    The simple, geometric form of the Anchor Ceramics Potter Light range is thrown on a potter’s wheel. Made using a… continue reading.

  • Christopher Boots Sugar Bomb Pendant

    The Christopher Boots Sugar Bomb Pendant radiates warm light through cracks and crevices, illuminating the delicate beauty of natural quartz… continue reading.

  • &Tradition Marble SV4 Light

    The &Tradition Marble SV4 Light is part of the Marble Lights collection by &tradition includes one table light and five… continue reading.

  • Disk Hanging Light

    A large saucer of golden light, gently diffusing throughout your room, like the shimmering sound of a gong. As a… continue reading.

  • CTO Lighting Avalon

    Inspired by the legendary island, from where mystical stories of light and shadows have enchanted the world for centuries, CTO… continue reading.

  • Vibia Skan Pendant Lamp

    The Vibia Skan Pendant Lamp a Lievore, Altherr, Molina design. Vibia produce a wide range of sizes and configurations for this… continue reading.

  • Moira Pendant

    The Moira Pendant is part of the new Moira lighting series by Sebastian Herkner for Fürstenberg demonstrates the changeability of… continue reading.

  • Christopher Boots Meteor 2100

    The Christopher Boots Meteor 2100 implements a delicate hand-picked selection of gradations of natural smoky quartz and natural clear quartz,… continue reading.

  • Christopher Boots Prometheus I + II

    Christopher Boots Prometheus I + II – The ancient Greek, Prometheus, gave to mortals what was reserved for the gods… continue reading.

  • GUBI Semi Pendant

    The simple and beautiful GUBI Semi Pendant was designed by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup in 1967. The design won… continue reading.

  • CTO Lighting Anvers Pendant

    Inspired by the linear plains of the Flemish landscape, the CTO Lighting Anvers Pendant embodies the low-lying profile of the… continue reading.

  • Christopher Boots Orp Crystal

    Christopher Boots Orp Crystal is a crystallised structure emanating warm light through an architecture of ancient geometry, radiating warm light… continue reading.

  • Ceramic Page Pendant

    Made by hand in Philadelphia by Natalie Page, the Ceramic Page Pendant is available in six different sizes and is… continue reading.

  • Brokis Geometric Pendants

    Brokis Geometric Pendants accentuates the aesthetic expression and structure of BROKISGLASS, which itself is remarkably distinctive. The collection is defined… continue reading.

  • Quarry Pendant Light

    Benjamin Hubert has designed the Quarry pendant lamps for De La Espada. The pendants are made from hand-turned carrera marble – a very popular material… continue reading.

  • Sempre Mia

    The Sempre Mia is a ceiling light fitting for indoor use. Made of two calendered brass profiles which create an… continue reading.

  • Christopher Boots Goliath

    The Christopher Boots Goliath is a grand statement in material exploration. An oblique rhombic prism frame is internally illuminated, encrusted… continue reading.