• VSG Steel Grey

    The VSG Steel Grey is a grey granite used for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities and more. It is a metal… continue reading.

  • Granite & Marble Works Cipalano

    Prized for its distinctive variegated appearance, the Granite & Marble Works in Cipalano purple hues has a symbol of tradition,… continue reading.

  • VSG Cygnus

    The VSG Cygnus is a brown granite for kitchen benchtops, vanities and more. Also known as Mousse for its chocolatey appearance.

  • Essastone Lava Black

    Honouring a classic granite form with a modern edge, Essastone Lava Black shows off a rich, magma base accented by… continue reading.

  • CDK Stone Maris Grey

    The CDK Stone Maris Grey is made from premium quality granite in CDK Stone’s Natural Stone collection. Featuring black, grey and… continue reading.

  • VSG Skyfall Granite

    The VSG Skyfall Granite is a new black and white granite from Brazil that can be used for kitchens, bathrooms and more…. continue reading.

  • Sensa – Black Beauty

    Sensa – Black Beauty is an Indian granite with a black base full of white streaks that resemble the foam… continue reading.

  • Sensa – Indian Black

    Sensa – Indian Black is a granite with dark and intense tones throughout. Its black background is interspersed with contrasting… continue reading.

  • Sensa – Orinoco

    The wild Sensa – Orinoco granite, is created based on veins of white, gold and copper that ripple on the… continue reading.