• Muzillac Veine

    Muzillac Veine in Agripa Fine is a natural limestone from Belgium stone retailer Hullebusch. It’s neutral and soft colouring makes… continue reading.

  • Kirchheimer Muschelkalk – Diamond Sandblasted

    Kirchheimer Muschelkalk Diamond Sandblasted stone was formed in a sea basin inhabitated by animals and plants. The shells, housings and… continue reading.

  • CDK Turco Argento

    Turco Argento, a honed limestone, is suitable for bathrooms, floors, walls, slabs and tiles. This cloudy cream/beige and grey natural… continue reading.

  • CDK Elegant Grey

    A honed or polished natural stone, CDK Elegant Grey will add worldliness to bathrooms, floors, walls and slabs. Showcasing crackling… continue reading.

  • CDK Stone Tundra Grey

    As a light grey, this honed limestone is most versatile. Suitable as a neutral starting point, it’s most fitting for… continue reading.

  • Salvatori Pietra D’Avola

    A rich chocolatey limestone, Salvatori Pietra D’Avola is a dark, intense and elegant stone which can vary in shade from… continue reading.

  • CDK New Savior Limestone

    The CDK New Savior Limestone is available in Slabs and Tiles and is perfect for any modern bathroom, laundry or… continue reading.

  • Essastone Limestone Cape

    Essastone® Limestone Cape has a grey limestone coloured base with dense arrangement of grey and clear quartz fragments. Occasional ochre… continue reading.