Storage Systems


    Narrow cabinets such as the Blum SPACE TWIN turn tiny kitchen spaces into valuable storage. SPACE TWIN, with diagonally offset… continue reading.

  • Hettich InnoTech Atira

    Hettich InnoTech Atira features a double-walled drawer, its unique ‘Platform Concept’ allows adding additional height with interchangeable gallery rails of… continue reading.

  • Boffi Combine Evolution

    The Boffi Combine Evolution kitchen is enriched with new solutions, maintaining its peculiar elements as single and well-identified design and… continue reading.

  • Blum AMBIA-LINE Accessories

    Blum AMBIA-LINE accessories demonstrate a perfect combination of form and function. Designed for LEGRABOX these accessories bring high levels of… continue reading.

  • Blum EXPANDO T for thin fronts

    Blum have developed a single fixing method, Blum EXPANDO T for thin fronts, that can be used for three different… continue reading.

  • Hettich ArciTech

    Hettich ArciTech features a contemporary double-walled drawer with an updated ‘Actro’ runner system utilising synchronised nylon rollers, ArciTech guarantees stability… continue reading.

  • Hettich Cadro

    Hettich Cadro features an aluminium frame system that allows the average homeowner to become their own interior designer. Whether it… continue reading.


    The Blum SPACE TOWER is for those who want a pantry unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner… continue reading.

  • Blum Sink drawer

    Blum Sink drawer is the perfect way to create extra storage space. The U-shaped pull-out puts the space to the… continue reading.

  • Hettich Bin It Trio

    Hettich Bin It Trio features a sophisticated organisation and clever functions. The comprehensive product range provides space-saving solutions for any… continue reading.


    A user-friendly alternative to conventional corner solutions is Blum SPACE CORNER. The full extension drawer and pull-outs use every inch… continue reading.

  • Hettich AvanTech YOU

    The Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer system scores from design diversity and creative flexibility, concealed working parts and perfect performance as… continue reading.


    Create extra storage space behind kick boards, provide easy access to wall cabinets and let children lend a helping hand… continue reading.

  • Hettich OrgaTray

    Hettich OrgaTray features spaces for storing personal belongings that can be logically structured and organised to suit individual needs. Practical… continue reading.