Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings

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Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings is a cook book about Germany’s varied culinary heritage seen through the eyes of Anja Dunk’s family recipes, most of which have been given a new life in her young family kitchen.

From recipes such as Vollkorn-Buttermilch Waffeln (Wholewheat buttermilk waffles) to Schweinebraten mit Kummel (Caraway roast pork) and Zucchini und Gruener Paprika Salat in Joghurt Sosse (Courgette and green pepper salad with yogurt dressing) home-cooked German food is gently spiced, smoky, buttery and deeply savoury, yet sweet and sour. Anja’s way of cooking is vibrant, honest and deeply intertwined with the seasons and the weather. Featuring over 200 simple recipes for the everyday family table, as well as a handful for special occasions, Anja’s cook book will be an essential guide for all the basics of German cuisine, at the same time as providing inspiration and encouragement for cooking through the year.