Andy Harwood

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Andy Harwood is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, who has exhibited work for 15 years. Harwood has established a disciplined and meticulous practice and expresses emotion through the visual language of geometric and non-representational form. Harwood’s paintings investigate the relationship of forms and structures, drawing attention to the interaction of shape, size, positioning and space. The compositions are derived mathematically to create an overriding sense of balance and proportion. Contrasting chromatic spectrums and intricate patterns, challenge the viewer to engage in new and different visual narratives. Using underpainting with diverging textural layering, Harwood charges his paintings with energy and movement. Exacting patterns interweave across the canvas, layering foreground and background to misdirect the gaze and deflect the viewer from a central focal point. In addition, the accumulation of precision lines creates an exaggerated distortion where straight lines vibrate. Harwood’s paintings conceptualise the sensation of a brain in flux, between order and chaos, and are an exploration into the capacity for the strictures of mathematical geometry to evoke emotive responses in the viewer.