Heath Wae

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Heath Wae is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales. Following his graduation from Sydney College of the Arts, Wae traveled intrepidly throughout Asia, settling in India for two years before moving to New York and Colombia for the years to follow. Amidst these contrasting experiences, Wae found inspiration in chaos, calmness, humanity, and nature while continuing to explore his gentle practice. Inspired by the minimalist art of spiritual devotees and numerous cultures of earth painting worldwide, Wae draws from this connection to earth and spirit. This culture of painting is deep in philosophical subtext concerning the art of harmonious involvement with nature. Combining earth pigments, raw ochres, found charcoals, and natural oils, Wae is opening up a more ethical and integral approach to contemporary minimalism. Wae worked through a number of alchemical practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine, to distillations and plant tinctures which have imbued his work with an understanding of realms both cosmological and physiological. These concepts endlessly inform Wae’s work, adding to what he describes as his “medicine belt” of artistic practice. Wae believes art is integral to spirit and culture with a strong capacity to inspire, cultivate, and heal.