Jacob Spokes

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Jacob Spokes’s work is a celebration of both process and chance. His attraction to this began with continuous line drawing. Creating compositions and landscapes, which present themselves in an organic and serendipitous way. In Spoke’s work, he aims to emulate immediacy and celebrate the sporadic nature of place and how one takes in their environment. To slow down, look and get lost in one thing is a feeling that he attempts to convey. The tactility of paint and colour further pushes the notion of his process-driven work. How colours clash, marks can be pushed and how both these things allude or reference actual objects. Spoke’s believes colour is a very powerful and arresting tool. He always approaches his work in different ways, starting with certain marks or shapes. Making work for him is almost a problem-solving exercise, striving for a compositional solution. Because of his constant working and re-working of a painting, a relationship is developed making the painting unintentionally biographical.