Simon Barlow

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Simon Barlow’s journey through life in art has taken him to many places, literally and figuratively. From fine bird illustrations from his origins in Africa to Australia, and large botanical oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. 

The constant for those last 30 or so years has been a profound fascination with the natural form, either fauna or flora. An instinctive, and growing wonder with the intrinsic artistic design apparent in animal or plant. 

Although Simon’s genre can be categorised as realistic, his paintings are an exercise in exploring and portraying the extraordinary and surreal in the subjects he chooses. His approach the floral compositions as complex landscapes, rather than studies of arrangements. Simon is drawn to spellbound into the multiple and varied colours, textures and structures that make up these compositions. Using dramatic lighting and a large format, and inspired by artists like the Baroque artist Caravaggio, his paintings express the wonder these extensions of the plant kingdom hold for him. The ‘organs for reproduction’ of plants, they sprout, bloom and die, representing the cycle of life and every earthly organism’s mortality. They take on the character, mood and expression, loved and admired by humanity throughout millennia. 

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