• Stephen Ormandy

    Born in Melbourne, Stephen Ormandy graduated from The City Art Institute (now known as UNSW Art and Design) in Sydney… continue reading.

  • Hayden Jackson

    Hayden Jackson’s work is an emotional response to his surroundings- through colour, shape and texture he explores his relationship with… continue reading.

  • Miranda Russell

    Miranda Russell’s works are an intimate expression of her place in the world, and can best be understood as an… continue reading.

  • Anna Van Der Ploeg

    Anna van der Ploeg is an interdisciplinary artist working in printmaking, sculpture, and painting. She lives and works in Cape… continue reading.

  • Caroline Denervaud

    Through Caroline Denervaud’s performance she creates marks – marks of movement, marks of time, marks of emotions. Letting feelings and… continue reading.

  • Carissa Karamarko

    Saint Cloche Galleries Carissa Karamarko is an emerging Australian artist from Sydney whose artistic career came via the converging paths… continue reading.

  • Karlee Rawkins

    Based in the beautiful mid-north coast of New South Wales, Karlee Rawkins has a vast and rich landscape full of… continue reading.

  • Marion Abraham

    Marion Abraham is a Melbourne based artist. She works predominantly in oil paint with techniques developed from studies of the… continue reading.

  • Tomislav Nikolic

    Tomislav Nikolic has artful provocations which don’t initially appear sufficiently wilful to start a revolution. Of course the best art doesn’t… continue reading.

  • Wilma Tabacco

    Born in the province of L’Aquila, Italy, Wilma Tabacco has lived in Australia since childhood, yet her diverse art practice reflects her… continue reading.

  • Sam Michelle

    Sam Michelle was born in New Zealand and moved to Melbourne in 2001. From a family of talented creatives (sketch… continue reading.

  • HKliving Framed Relief Art Panel B (White)

    The HKliving Framed Relief Art Panel B (White) is  a beautiful relief wall art panel, that brings your walls to… continue reading.

  • Wendy Kelly

    Wendy Kelly (nee Malcolm) was born in Melbourne and her primary and secondary schooling took place in the Port Phillip… continue reading.

  • Marisa Purcell

    or Marisa Purcell, paint acts as a medium between the empirical world of knowing and a release into the unknown…. continue reading.

  • Piet Raemdonck

    Piet Raemdonck (b. 1972) is a Belgian artist who lives and paints from his studio near Ghent. Piet is stimulated… continue reading.

  • Sally West

    Drawing inspiration from the seascapes of Sydney and Bluey’s Beach on NSW mid north coast, contemporary artist Sally West  enjoys… continue reading.

  • Caroline Walls

    Caroline Walls draws inspiration from the movement and fluidity of the female form, moments of intimacy, contemporary perceptions of women’s… continue reading.

  • Kerry Armstrong

    Kerry Armstrong is an Australian abstract expressionist painter best known for her bold, large scale, contemporary artworks. Experimental and raw,… continue reading.

  • Jennifer Goodman

    Working from her studio in Melbourne, Jennifer Goodman has a  painting practice, a detailed investigation into colour and composition. Her work… continue reading.

  • Evi O

    Saint Cloche Galleries Evi O has been exhibiting since 2015. With a curious eye and mind, she is constantly exploring… continue reading.

  • Annika Romeyn

    Striving to connect the realms of micro and macro, representation and abstraction, Annika Romeyn has recent artworks inspired by rock… continue reading.

  • Agneta Ekholm

    Serene, vast and immersive, Agneta Ekholm’s sensitively layered paintings evoke a myriad of emotional and cognitive responses. Her organic compositions… continue reading.

  • Clinton Naina

    Clinton Naina (formerly Nain) is a painter, dancer, performer and storyteller who obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) from Melbourne’s… continue reading.

  • Lynn Savery

    When Lynn Savery was a child, her grandmother gave her a suitcase full of furs and pearls, hats, coats, gloves… continue reading.

  • Emma Walker

    Emma Walker practice consistently engages with the natural world. An explorer at heart, Walker has informed her visual language through extensive… continue reading.

  • Isobel Clement

    Isobel Clement is a Melbourne based painter who has had more than ten solo exhibitions. Her work is included in… continue reading.

  • Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula

    Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula was an Aboriginal Australian painter born in the 1930’s. Their work was featured in several exhibitions at… continue reading.

  • Katie Eraser

    For Narrm-based contemporary artist Katie Eraser, emotion is at the core of how art conveys our experience of being in… continue reading.

  • Eduardo Santos – Painting

    Born in Brazil, Eduardo Santos studied in London at St Martins College of the Arts and then spent two years… continue reading.

  • Craig Handley

    Craig Handley is a realist painter who lives and works in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. On leaving school he completed a signwriting… continue reading.

  • Adriane Strampp

    Adriane Strampp’s painting practice examines the subtlety and nuance of memory and experience through poetic imagery and personal mythology. As… continue reading.

  • Clare Brodie

    Clare Brodie’s paintings are from her meditative walks through her local bush where she draws a sense of peace as… continue reading.