• Dadang Christanto

    Dadang Christanto has spent his career honouring the countless victims of political violence and crimes against humanity. His large scale… continue reading.

  • Ash Holmes

    Ash Holmes is a Sydney-based artist who draws on colour psychology and her environment on the Northern Beaches of Sydney… continue reading.

  • Julian Meagher

    Growing up around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, an area comprising some of our country’s most significant historical and cultural… continue reading.

  • Kirra Jamison

    Kirra Jamison cultivates ideas. Initial kernels of intuition germinate into lines, forms and patterns that branch and weave and interlay… continue reading.

  • Lynn Savery

    When Lynn Savery was a child, her grandmother gave her a suitcase full of furs and pearls, hats, coats, gloves… continue reading.

  • Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula

    Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula was an Aboriginal Australian painter born in the 1930’s. Their work was featured in several exhibitions at… continue reading.

  • Melissa Boughey

    Melissa Boughey’s painting practice speaks of a life lived on the land and an intimate connection with both the wild… continue reading.

  • Rachel Coad

    Well known as a figurative painter, Rachel Coad was awarded the $50,000 Black Swan Prize for portraiture in 2016. Her… continue reading.

  • Sarah Kelk

    Sarah Kelk is a Melbourne based painter whose work is expressive, colourful and abstract. Energised blocks of colour are central… continue reading.

  • Joanna Logue

    Joanna Logue’s paintings are inspired by the landscape surrounding her studio in Oberon. Interested in the tension created by the juxtaposition… continue reading.

  • Sally Gabori

    Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori (born c. 1924) was an Indigenous Australian artist who at age 81 began painting in an abstract-like… continue reading.

  • André Butzer

    Fusing European Expressionism with American popular culture, André Butzer has painted his way through the artistic and political extremes of… continue reading.

  • Tim Allen

    Tim Allen is a painter in the landscape tradition who creates gestural works from a studio in the Blue Mountains… continue reading.

  • Marion Abraham

    Marion Abraham is a Melbourne based artist. She works predominantly in oil paint with techniques developed from studies of the… continue reading.

  • Isobel Rayson

    Isobel Rayson is an early career artist based in New South Wales, Australia. Isobel graduated with a Bachelor of Visual… continue reading.

  • Sepideh Ilsley

    Sepideh Ilsley is a contemporary artist who draws upon her graphic design background to produce an abstracted, monochrome body of… continue reading.

  • Melanie McCollin-Walker

    Drawing on a combination of memory, observation and emotional sensitivity McCollin-Walker’s evocative landscape paintings directly reference the beauty of the… continue reading.

  • Jenny Lundgren

    Jenny Lundgren is a contemporary painter living and working between Örnsköldsvik, Sweden and Vienna, Austria. Jenny attended Ålsta Art School,… continue reading.

  • Beth Gibbeson

    Beth Gibbeson has paintings  which explore the different landscapes in which she has lived, reflecting on the rural, urban and… continue reading.

  • Ebony Truscott

    Ebony Truscott is a Melbourne-based artist employing observational realism in painting and works on paper. Her work is marked by… continue reading.

  • Wendy McDonald

    Wendy McDonald is an artist and farmer, her creative life possibly struggling to exist away from the property near the… continue reading.

  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel is a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract… continue reading.

  • Anna Van Der Ploeg

    Anna van der Ploeg is an interdisciplinary artist working in printmaking, sculpture, and painting. She lives and works in Cape… continue reading.

  • Carol Batchelor

    Carol Batchelor was born in Northern Tasmania in 1969 and relocated from Hobart to Melbourne in 1998. Carol studied at… continue reading.

  • George Raftopoulos

    Born 1972, George Raftopoulos completed his BAVA at the University of Western Sydney in 1994 before going on to receive a… continue reading.

  • Isobel Clement

    Isobel Clement is a Melbourne based painter who has had more than ten solo exhibitions. Her work is included in… continue reading.

  • Veronica Cay

    Veronica Cay is an accomplished Australian contemporary figurative artist. Focusing on the practices of drawing and sculpture Veronica reflects upon… continue reading.

  • Volker Hüller

    Volker Hüller’s fragmented compositions speak to the mental spaces between dreams, delirium, and daily life. Figures are woven into the… continue reading.

  • Len Klikunas

    Len Klikunas ’s sculptural, minimalist paintings are characterized by their understated simplicity and use of mixed materials. A Stanford University… continue reading.

  • Saxon Quinn

    Saint Cloche Galleries Saxon Quinn takes a cue from the asphalt sprawl streetscapes of our cities in his work. Inspired… continue reading.

  • Daniel Boyd

    Daniel Boyd draws on his heritage as a Kudjla/Gangalu man from North Queensland and North Pentecost Island in Vanuatu to… continue reading.

  • Sanné Mestrom

    Sanné Mestrom is an Australian experimental and conceptual artist who works mainly in the mediums of installation and sculpture. Mestrom… continue reading.