• Olaf Hajek

    With his almost surreal approach, Olaf Hajek brings the world of fables and floral splendour back into our consciousness. The… continue reading.

  • Carol Batchelor

    Carol Batchelor was born in Northern Tasmania in 1969 and relocated from Hobart to Melbourne in 1998. Carol studied at… continue reading.

  • Melanie McCollin-Walker

    Drawing on a combination of memory, observation and emotional sensitivity McCollin-Walker’s evocative landscape paintings directly reference the beauty of the… continue reading.

  • Miranda Skoczek

    “My paintings speak of a desire to create sanctuary for the self” says Miranda Skoczek. In her work, combined energies… continue reading.

  • Caroline Denervaud

    Through Caroline Denervaud’s performance she creates marks – marks of movement, marks of time, marks of emotions. Letting feelings and… continue reading.

  • Greer Clayton

    Greer Clayton explores the ethereal qualities of the New Zealand landscape through form, diffused line and layers of pearlised acrylic…. continue reading.

  • Tim Allen

    Tim Allen is a painter in the landscape tradition who creates gestural works from a studio in the Blue Mountains… continue reading.

  • Churchill Cann

    Churchill Cann (Yoonany) was born on Texas Downs Station in 1947, where his father was a stockman and his mother… continue reading.

  • Leah Thiessen

    Leah Thiessen has abstract, highly layered images which are created in direct response to bush, beaches and mangroves that surround… continue reading.

  • Alex Xerri

    Saint Cloche Galleries Alex Xerri is a painter/ceramicist from Sydney. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in… continue reading.

  • Sally West

    Drawing inspiration from the seascapes of Sydney and Bluey’s Beach on NSW mid north coast, contemporary artist Sally West  enjoys… continue reading.

  • Kirrily Hammond

    The painting practice of Kirrily Hammond depicts the urban environment has been a constant theme in her work, and while… continue reading.

  • Jonny Niesche

    Jonny Niesche’s hypnotic minimalism imbues abstract colour with the glitz of 70s glam rock. Niesche reduces painting and sculpture to… continue reading.

  • Susanne Kerr

    Susanne Kerr is a New Zealand-based artist who has had a successful and extensive exhibition record since 2003. As a… continue reading.

  • Clare Brodie

    Clare Brodie’s paintings are from her meditative walks through her local bush where she draws a sense of peace as… continue reading.

  • Liam Stevens

    Liam Stevens is an artist and designer based in London, with artwork acrylic and pencil representations in UK, Spain, South… continue reading.

  • Hillary Herman

    Australian artist, Hilary Herrmann, has been painting about the “everyday” for over two decades. She finds inspiration from the surroundings… continue reading.

  • Eva Ferndandez

    Born in Toronto, Canada and living in Perth, Western Australia, Eva Ferndandez investigates her own pluralistic identity in relation to contemporary issues… continue reading.

  • Ash Holmes

    Ash Holmes is a Sydney-based artist who draws on colour psychology and her environment on the Northern Beaches of Sydney… continue reading.

  • Jacob Spokes

    Jacob Spokes’s work is a celebration of both process and chance. His attraction to this began with continuous line drawing…. continue reading.

  • Marise Maas

    Marise Maas is a Dutch born, Melbourne based artist. Her figurative work deals with making the ‘unimportant’ important – looking… continue reading.

  • Colin Pennock

    Irish-born artist Colin Pennock creates emotionally-driven abstracted landscapes that overflow with a controlled chaos of colour. With his studio nestled… continue reading.

  • Belinda Fox

    Belinda Fox is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in printmaking, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Her evocative works masterfully distill elements of abstraction… continue reading.

  • J&O Saverys

    J&O SAVERYS stands for vivid artworks, inspired by the Belgian coast, based on four colours:  yellow (sunrise), orange (sunset) and… continue reading.

  • Hayden Alexander Modern Abstract on Canvas 2020

    The Hayden Alexander Modern Abstract on Canvas 2020 has subtle beauty, with acrylic paint in a natural wood floater frame.

  • Caleb Mahoney

    Caleb Mahoney has always sought a center through creation in someway. He’s been a sculptor, and a rather poetic drummer… continue reading.

  • Peter Summers

    Peter Summers creates work that is subtle, reductive and expressive. His paintings are of open spaces, pared back to the… continue reading.

  • Andy Harwood

    Andy Harwood is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, who has exhibited work for 15 years. Harwood has established a… continue reading.

  • Richard Whadcock

    Richard Whadcock studied on a general fine art course at Bristol Art College from 86-89 followed by a Masters Degree… continue reading.

  • Veronica Cay

    Veronica Cay is an accomplished Australian contemporary figurative artist. Focusing on the practices of drawing and sculpture Veronica reflects upon… continue reading.

  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel is a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract… continue reading.

  • Sanné Mestrom

    Sanné Mestrom is an Australian experimental and conceptual artist who works mainly in the mediums of installation and sculpture. Mestrom… continue reading.