• Mark Tipple

    Over the last five years, Mark Tipple has emerged as a notable documentary photographer working closely with organisations seeking social… continue reading.

  • Eva Ferndandez

    Born in Toronto, Canada and living in Perth, Western Australia, Eva Ferndandez investigates her own pluralistic identity in relation to contemporary issues… continue reading.

  • Nicole England NGA Still Life

    NGA Still Life was photographed at the outset of the pandemic. When borders were still open, Nicole travelled to Canberra… continue reading.

  • Andrew Vukosav Lake Series – 2

    Andrew Vukosav Lake Series – 2 From the collection Longitude Latitude Solitude – An image series passionately created with photo… continue reading.

  • Simone Boon

    Simone Boon is a Dutch born artist who resides between Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Living between the east and west has… continue reading.

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto

    Hiroshi Sugimoto was born in 1948 in Japan, and divides his time between Tokyo and New York City. Primarily a… continue reading.

  • Derek Swalwell – Muralla Roja

    Rising up from the rocky cliffs of Calpe, on Spain’s Costa Blanca, Derek Swalwell – Muralla Roja is the collection… continue reading.

  • Albert Watson

    Albert Watson is a Scottish fashion and commercial photographer. Best known for both his stark black-and-white and colour photographs of… continue reading.

  • Glen Allsop

    Originally from Sydney, Australia, Glen Allsop is a photographer who seeks authenticity and a sense of atmosphere in his work. As… continue reading.

  • Andrew Vukosav Lush Series

    Andrew Vukosav Lush Series from the collection Longitude Latitude Solitude – An image series passionately created with photo pilot. This… continue reading.

  • George Byrne

    George Byrne’s work resonates with a quiet, deductive intensity. Borrowing from the clean, vivid clarity of modernist painting, Byrne also… continue reading.

  • Mark Roper

    Mark Roper’s Arcane is a series of Polaroids. It is a marriage of old technology with new, merging unpredictability and… continue reading.

  • Derek Swalwell – Outdistance

    Derek Swalwell – Outdistance – Shot entirely in Italy, Derek Swalwell takes an intimate look at the works of famed… continue reading.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Daniel Anderson is not only an extremely accomplished Photographer but an entirely intriguing artist. His mind is swarming with imagery… continue reading.

  • Christian Chaize

    For almost twenty years, French photographer Christian Chaize has captured the evolving landscape of a small, secluded stretch of coastline… continue reading.

  • Tamara Dean Endangered 1

    Tamara Dean’s Endangered series is a reframing of the notion of ourselves as human beings – mammals in a sensitive ecosystem, as… continue reading.

  • Brooke Holm Salt & Sky

    Brooke Holm is interested in both the tension and bond that exists simultaneously between humans and the natural world. The… continue reading.

  • Rebekah Stuart

    Rebekah Stuart is a contemporary visual artist exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and romantic landscape. Rebekah reconstructs fragments… continue reading.

  • Joshua Yeldham

    ‘Surrender Tree’ marks Joshua Yeldham’s first solo show in Sydney for almost three years. 2013 has already been a highly… continue reading.

  • Len Klikunas

    Len Klikunas ’s sculptural, minimalist paintings are characterized by their understated simplicity and use of mixed materials. A Stanford University… continue reading.

  • Lindsay Blamey

    Lindsay Blamey is a Melbourne based visual artist. Born in rural Victoria, his diverse body of work primarily explores themes… continue reading.

  • Irene Kung

    Irene Kung was born in Switzerland in 1958, has an education in graphic design, and has studied painting in Rome…. continue reading.

  • Shannon McGrath

    Shannon McGrath has been photographing architecture and interior design works for 15 years. She is commissioned by pre-eminent architects and… continue reading.

  • Nicole England Heide Solitude

    For Nicole England Heide Solitude, John and Sunday Reed’s brief to architects McGlashan Everist was that the building should be… continue reading.

  • Andrew Vukosav Deserts Series

    Andrew Vukosav Deserts Series from the collection Longitude Latitude Solitude – An image series passionately created with photo pilot. This… continue reading.

  • Monochrome Patterns 8

    Nick Leary exclusive to King Living is an internationally acclaimed fine art and commercial photographer with a career behind the… continue reading.

  • Andrew Vukosav Oceans Series

    Andrew Vukosav Oceans Series from the collection Longitude Latitude Solitude – An image series passionately created with photo pilot. This… continue reading.

  • Nicole England Caringal Isolation

    The Nicole England Caringal Isolation takes place during the longest and darkest days of the Melbourne lockdown, Nicole turned her… continue reading.

  • Hai Bo

    Hai Bo artistic ideals involve the restoration of the past through photography. His work is less about what changes through… continue reading.

  • Derek Swalwell – West

    Derek Swalwell – West is a collection of large format landscapes featuring scenes from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the… continue reading.

  • Catherine Nelson

    Catherine Nelson is a photographic and photomedia artist whose fascinating practice has evolved from a degree in fine art from Sydney’s College… continue reading.

  • Annelie Vandendael

    Annelie Vandendael is a photographer born in Belgium and raised in France. Inspired by the tendency of fashion photography to… continue reading.