Sculpture & Ceramics

  • Ursula Nistrup Tzeela

    The Ursula Nistrup Tzeela is a drapped, silk organza and cobber sculpture made in collaboration with designer Elisabet Flejsborg and… continue reading.

  • Peta Armstrong

    Peta Armstrong makes high fired stoneware ceramics from her studio located in the Surfcoast Shire of Victoria, Australia. The greatest… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Resilience

    Kieu Tan started this Studio Kieu Resilience sculpture in the days following the tragic death of George Floyd. This sculpture… continue reading.

  • Nerone & Patuzzi Gruppo NP2 Wall Panel

    The Nerone & Patuzzi Gruppo NP2 Wall Panel is a beautiful wooden artwork made in Torino, Italy 1970. The panel… continue reading.

  • Tall Water Pitcher

    Tall Water Pitcher by South Australian ceramic artist Madeline McDade. Madeline McDade completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts specialising in Ceramics at… continue reading.

  • Axel Salto Vase

    The Axel Salto Vase is a ceramic artwork produced by Royal Copenhagen in Denmark in the 1950s.

  • Vase Volcanic Medium Grey

    The Medium Volcanic Vase is part of Lightly’s 2015  ‘Minerals’ collection. This exquisite piece is handmade from the finest minerals… continue reading.

  • Peter Sydnicas

    Peter Syndicas has sculptures inspired by his fascination with organic shapes in their simplest forms – fractals of nature. Twigs… continue reading.

  • Den Holm

    Steven John Clark is the maker behind Den Holm; a stone mason and artist living and working in the northern… continue reading.

  • Dion Horstmans

    Dion Horstmans strong, dynamic works embody his infinite energy. In his journey to become a full time artist, Horstmans spent… continue reading.

  • Carol Crawford

    Carol Lehrer Crawford is an artist practicing in Sydney, Australia. She creates sculptures in a variety of materials including alabaster,… continue reading.

  • Clementine Maconachie – Carved

    The Clementine Maconachie Carved are unique art pieces made from stone by the independent artist living in Sydney. Her work… continue reading.

  • Tracey Deep

    Saint Cloche Galleries Tracey Deep is a true original and a national treasure. She is a humble superstar, much loved… continue reading.

  • Dadang Christanto

    Dadang Christanto has spent his career honouring the countless victims of political violence and crimes against humanity. His large scale… continue reading.

  • Korban/Flaubert

    Korban/Flaubert is an artistic collection by Janos Korban and Stefanie Flaubert. They love metal for its ductility, lustre, purity and… continue reading.

  • Tessy King

    Tessy King is a ceramic artist based on the Clarence River in NSW working from her shed studio. During her… continue reading.

  • Mel Lumb

    Saint Cloche Galleries Mel Lumb is a ceramic artist working from a humble home studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland…. continue reading.

  • Steven Parrino

    Steven Parrino is best known for his signature “misshaped” monochromes with slashed, torn, or twisted canvases. A pioneer in performance… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Kyoto

    The Studio Kieu Kyoto was inspired by Kieu Tran’s travels to Japan and the feeling of acceptance, comfort, and familiarity… continue reading.

  • HT509

    The HT509 is handmade in Italy, tailored and crafted with the highest quality materials combined with sophisticated technologies.

  • Sharon Alpren

    Sharon Alpren is a Melbourne based ceramic artist based in the Macedon Ranges. Working predominantly with richly coloured and textured… continue reading.

  • Jean Paul Mangin

    Internationally acclaimed and collected French sculpturist, Jean Paul Mangin, draws from his own intimate and emotional experiences of life. The… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Celebration

    The Studio Kieu Celebration ceramic sculpture was created in 2020 by Kieu Tran, a first generation Vietnamese American artist based… continue reading.

  • Porcelain Saw Tooth Building

    Porcelain Saw Tooth Building by Sonya Moyle. Sonya is an emerging ceramic artist who uses drawing techniques on the ceramic surface…. continue reading.

  • 101 CPH Sphere Ceramic Vase – Bubble

    The 101 CPH Sphere Ceramic Vase – Bubble celebrates unique silhouettes and textures that makes an impact with the decorative charm… continue reading.

  • David Umemoto Settlements

    David Umemoto follows a slow creative process seeking to imitate the erosion and re-creation cycles of nature. He reacts to… continue reading.

  • Scott Mcniel

    Scott McNeil is a Melbourne-based sculptor who works exclusively with a clay medium; creating organic sculpture; modelling freestanding figures in… continue reading.

  • Jessica Sanders

    Jessica Sanders is mainly known for her work with beeswax, creating paintings and sculptures which investigate the thresholds and tolerances… continue reading.

  • Bitossi Ettore Sottsass Vase

    The elegant Bitossi Ettore Sottsass Vase was designed by famous Italian architect Ettore Sottsass in 1962. It is in white… continue reading.

  • Tatsiana Shevarenkova

    Tatsiana Shevarenkova is a Belarusian artist based in Sydney. After a career as a fashion stylist in Moscow, she moved… continue reading.

  • Troy Emery Le Chien Noir

    Troy Emery is an artist based in Melbourne and has an art practice encompassing sculpture, painting, and drawing. He works… continue reading.

  • Irene Grishin Selzer

    Irene Grishin Selzer has a Masters degree in Fine Arts (Ceramics) from Monash University in Melbourne graduating with Clayworks Australia… continue reading.