Tait Tidal Outdoor Coffee Table

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Made from stainless steel wire with a powder coat or electropolished finish, The Tidal Outdoor Coffee Table from Tait is a masterful intersection of raw materiality and a dynamic yet lithe aesthetic. Perfect for home, hospitality and commercial settings, indoors and out.

Inspired by Australia’s surf culture, Trent Jansen applied science to his design by researching wave formations and linear diagrams. Studying the energy and pull of spiralling water spouts as part of the creative process behind Tidal Coffee Table – an ultramodern outdoor coffee table – Jansen’s design intelligence is further evidenced in material selection, form and function.

Sturdy stainless-steel wire is expertly crafted into the gently undulating frames of the collection pieces. Tidal is a masterfully robust collection of raw materiality with a dynamic yet lithe aesthetic.