Tatsiana Shevarenkova

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Tatsiana Shevarenkova is a Belarusian artist based in Sydney. After a career as a fashion stylist in Moscow, she moved to Australia in 2019 and began to explore her curiosity of more tactile mediums. As a self-taught artist, she founded COSSET CERAMICS in 2020 and began to explore sculptural forms. Moved by the biomorphic sculptors of the mid 20th century, she creates dramatic but utilitarian objects through a diverse range of throwing and hand-building techniques. Finding the correct balance, proportions and thickness of the figurative sculptures is a fine tuned process. Making the weight of the form sustain itself can take days of building with additional days to refine texture with contours. Using a sketch as a guide Tatsiana’s forms are inspired by the motherly figures of Nagouchi and Arp.

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