Tigmi Trading Heelys Beni Handira

Tigmi Trading Heelys Beni Handira is a contemporary carpet handwoven in Morocco using traditional methods. Made from the finest quality wool, each strand was carefully and densely woven by hand on a loom and took four months to weave.

Incredibly soft and thick underfoot, the natural wool is woven in a checker pattern with a high, lush pile giving it incredible texture  – the finish of this piece is both luxurious and durable and is a functional work of art that will be long lasting.

Known for their use of bolder colours (vintage) or subtle pattern to create texture (contemporary), the Beni M’Rirt tribe hails from the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. We work to preserve the remarkable skills of the woman weavers by sourcing both vintage and contemporary pieces that continue to sustain the methods and techniques that have passed down from generations.