Tongue n Groove Raba (Vecchio)

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Tongue n Groove Raba (Vecchio) consists of black and dark chocolate brown tones with a subtle grain that adds an opulent feel to a range of interiors. A Vecchio finish adds a pre-distressed, hand-scraped texture to the Raba floorboards.

Tongue n Groove understands that their clients have very clear visions for their projects – ones that require not just superior quality European oak floorboards but oak wood with a distinct tone or texture to create the exact look or feel they want to achieve. With this in mind, Tongue n Groove has partnered with some of Australia’s leading architects and designers to create a broad range of exquisite colours and finishes, and are confident that their product range allows anyone to find the perfect colour to personalise their design.

Other sizes and formats in this colour are available.

Interiors Featuring Tongue n Groove Raba (Vecchio)