Matteo Pala Arcadia – Rug

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The Matteo Pala Arcadia – Rug is one part of “Fantastic Perspectives”, a capsule collection of four carpets inspired by two-dimensional pencil sketches, made during a phone call, while taking notes of design ideas. Arcadia, Volumia, Elisia e Triplia are the names of the 4 drawings: compositions of “fantastic” geometric volumes, built starting from perspective projections that can be perfectly observed from every perspective. The Prospettive Fantastiche collection is available in a sophisticated and minimalist colour palette and enriched by a materiality given by the different heights of the pile to accentuate the vanishing lines and the sense of depth: the closer we get to the centre the shorter the fleece. The results are a synthetic and rationalist composition, made up of independent elements but linked by a single graphic sign.