• Washi Grey Wallpaper by Piet Boon

    The Washi Grey Wallpaper is amongst the latest wallpapers by Piet Boon. Internationally renowned Dutch designer Piet Boon and his multidisciplinary Studio Piet… continue reading.

  • Collette Wallpaper

    The Collette Wallpaper by Sandberg is a beautifully illustrated horse wallpaper,  a part of the Brunnsnäs collection. It is a hard… continue reading.

  • Animals Wallpaper

    Like an afternoon at the zoo, a collection of tigers, catfish, elephants and partridges with vivid expressions make up the… continue reading.

  • Skal Grey Wallpaper

    The Skal Grey Wallpaper is a part of the Skog Collection by Sandberg, in a beige/brunt colour. It has a… continue reading.

  • Sarah Ellison Grey Zig Zag Wallpaper

    The Grey Zig Zag Wallpaper is a part of the ‘Light of Heart’ Collection by Sydney-based style editor Sarah Ellison…. continue reading.

  • Watercolour Blue Wallpaper

    Watercolour Blue Wallpaper is designed by Lemon for Photowall, a Swedish company that fires for design and quality. Our wallpapers and… continue reading.

  • World Map Wallpaper

    This fantastically detailed grey World Map Wallpaper is a great way to add huge depth and interest to your walls,… continue reading.

  • Beverly Hills Wallpaper

    The original, iconic Beverly Hills Wallpaper and Fabric by Martinique. As seen at the world famous Beverly Hills Hotel, with… continue reading.