Wardrobes + Storage

  • Poliform Fitted Wardrobe

    Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Poliform Fitted Wardrobe becomes the basic element of evolved interior design projects, where the wardrobe… continue reading.

  • Poliform Stratus Wardrobe

    The Poliform Stratus Wardrobe is characterised by its distinctive door feature, obtained with vertical milling that creates planks of different… continue reading.

  • Poliform Sand Wardrobe

    A celebration of the versatility and the qualities of wood, the Sand Wardrobe from Poliform is made of pine melamine… continue reading.

  • Vipp Large Shelf

    The Vipp Large Shelf is the largest of the Vipp shelves. With two surfaces, the Vipp shelf is a functional… continue reading.

  • Jewellery Box

    Made from 100% Belgian linen these napkins from Libeco complete the look for any table setting and honestly get better with age.

  • Kett Otway Three Drawer

    The Kett Otway Three Drawer, part of the Otway collection is defined by a soft timber profile. The simple and… continue reading.

  • Didier Fable Oak Cabinet

    The warmth of oak ensures the three Didier Fable Oak Cabinet becomes an understated showpiece in their own right. Petite… continue reading.

  • Poliform Ubik Walk-In Closet

    The Poliform Ubik Walk-In Closet is a system that maximises individuality and is able to give shape to the most… continue reading.

  • Poliform Kelly Chest of Drawers

    The delicate and sinuous design of the Poliform Kelly Chest of Drawers expresses a feeling of lightness and sophisticated elegance. A night… continue reading.

  • Asplund Tati Coat Rack

    An addition to the award-winning ‘Tati’ series, this simple steel and stone Asplund Tati Coat Rack was released in 2012…. continue reading.

  • Poliform Graffiti Wardrobe

    A place for ordering and organising, the Poliform Graffiti Wardrobe allows for the most effective use of space in any… continue reading.

  • Poliform Senzafine Walk in Robe

    Senzafine is CR&S Poliform’s innovative wardrobe and walk-in closet system with an evolved modularity, allowing customisation to be adaptable to any space.

  • Poliform Skin Wardrobe

    Poliform Skin Wardrobe, designed CR&S Poliform, is a wardrobe characterized by the peculiar door working. The versatility of the Senzafine… continue reading.

  • Poliform Ocean Wardrobe

    An elegant wardrobe designed by Poliform, the Poliform Ocean Wardrobe incorporates the luminosity of shiny glass for a wardrobe that… continue reading.

  • Poliform Sand Wardrobe

    A celebration of the versatility and the qualities of wood, the Poliform Sand Wardrobe is made of pine melamine and… continue reading.

  • Poliform Bangkok Wardrobe

    Designed by Opera Work in Progress for Poliform, the Poliform Bangkok Wardrobe is an exclusive and elegant wardrobe – a… continue reading.

  • Poliform Senzafine Walk-In Closet

    The Poliform Senzafine Walk-In Closet is an innovative wardrobe and walk-in closet system with an evolved modularity, allowing customisation to… continue reading.

  • Poliform Cover Wardrobe

    The Poliform Cover Wardrobe, with its discrete elegance and variety of finishes, is the perfect completion of Senzafine collection enriched… continue reading.

  • Poliform Senzafine Island Chest of Drawers

    The Poliform Senzafine Island Chest of Drawers features a basic silhouette, that has been embellished by features in techno-leather, which… continue reading.

  • Poliform New Entry Wardrobe

    The Poliform New Entry Wardrobe has unlimited versatility. Try it at different angles, with sloping ceilings and in other unusual… continue reading.

  • Poliform Ego Wardrobe

    Characterised by an aesthetic of lightness, minimal thicknesses and wide surfaces, the Poliform Ego Wardrobe system is able to explore… continue reading.

  • Laura Meroni Outfit – Walk-In Closet

    Laura Meroni Outfit – Walk-In Closet is an extension to the Line Collection. It is an innovative set of freestanding… continue reading.

  • Artisan Eny Shelf

    The Artisan Eny Shelf is a new design by Arteco to complement other distinct shelving systems produced by Artisan. Available… continue reading.

  • DEDON LA MALLE Cushion Trunk

    The handwoven DEDON LA MALLE Cushion Trunk was designed to be an attractive, unobtrusive and water-safe storage solution for all… continue reading.

  • B&B Italia Arne Bookcase

    The B&B Italia Arne Bookcase is one part of a series of Arne containers includes the Arne Bookcase, a revolving… continue reading.

  • Asplund Coat Rack Small

    The Asplund Tati Coat Rack Small is a contemporary and minimalist coat rack, perfect for any modern home. The Coat… continue reading.

  • Poliform Madison Wardrobe

    Simplicity is the essence of beauty. The Poliform Madison Wardrobe is a very simple wardrobe, but not without beautiful, subtle… continue reading.

  • Arflex Hillside Storage System

    Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, the Arflex Hillside Storage System is one part of a range inspired by contemporary architecture. The… continue reading.

  • Poliform Club Wardrobe

    The Poliform Club Wardrobe is a wardrobe that you can put anywhere, with modern modularity and adaptability. From the landing… continue reading.