Work on Paper

  • Samuel Condon

    Samuel Condon is an Australian artist practising his art in Paris. His modes of creation revolve around painting and drawing,… continue reading.

  • Veronica Cay

    Veronica Cay is an accomplished Australian contemporary figurative artist. Focusing on the practices of drawing and sculpture Veronica reflects upon… continue reading.

  • Tre, La Mela e Pera

    Tre La Mela e La Pera, is part of Enzo Mari’s 1963 nature series. Each print in the series captures… continue reading.

  • Uno, La Mela

    The graphic Uno, La Mela created in 1963, is part of the series della Natura from artist Enzo Mari. The colourful… continue reading.

  • Michael Cook – Invasion

    Invasion places an imaginative eye in Australian colonial history and turns around the dominant view, taking alien creatures into iconic… continue reading.

  • Landon Metz

    Brooklyn-based artist Landon Metz has garnered critical attention for his ability to imbue a spare language of abstraction with visual… continue reading.

  • Object Blanc No.24

    The Object Blanc No.24 poster design is inspired by graphic and organic shapes created by contrasting colours. This art piece is… continue reading.

  • Elsbeth Shaw

    Elsbeth paints draws and creates using hundreds, often thousands of circles full of colour. Symmetry and Style. History and Context…. continue reading.

  • Duo, La Pera

    Duo, La Pera, is part of Enzo Mari’s nature series from 1963. Each print in the series captures an element… continue reading.

  • David Band

    David Band was born in Glasgow in 1959 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College… continue reading.

  • Sepideh Ilsley

    Sepideh Ilsley is a contemporary artist who draws upon her graphic design background to produce an abstracted, monochrome body of… continue reading.

  • Meagan Jacobs

    After 30 years of living on the NSW South Coast, Meagan Jacobs packed up her studio, grabbed the dog and… continue reading.

  • Miranda Russell

    Miranda Russell’s works are an intimate expression of her place in the world, and can best be understood as an… continue reading.

  • Object Blanc No.28

    The Object Blanc No.28 poster design is inspired by graphic and organic shapes created by contrasting colours. This art piece… continue reading.

  • Nikomachi Karakostanoglou

    Nikomachi Karakostanoglou is a Greek artist with a profound ability to reconcile life’s metaphysical impressions with the palpable components of… continue reading.