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Alexander &CO. believe in the spirit of place. They make timeless, beautiful spaces for those who care deeply. They are architects, interior designers and furniture makers. They are driven to inspire their clients and global village.

The capabilities of the practice span a broad range of typological sectors, working in all facets of spatial and brand design. Their technical skill base includes Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management, Styling, Branding and Master Planning.

At the core of Alexander &CO.’s DNA is the ambition to create timeless and market leading design. They provide a client journey that is focused on highly effective relationships and outcomes. Their people and culture are recognised by an empathic, social and team focused communication.

Transparency and openness is Alexander &CO.’s bedrock and their structures are built around effectively providing goal focused individual growth, support and security.

Alexander &CO. acknowledge their role to contribute positively and sustainably within a shared global village. With enterprising leadership, their team believes in its ability to provide greater outcomes for clients as well opportunities for cultural growth, connections and contribution.


Projects by Alexander &CO.