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The most important part of creativity; discovery is the work before the work that magnifies the true particulars of a project. It builds a wealth of knowledge, confidence, and understanding. This facet of the design approach deeply embodies the FIGR name. The studio reflects the essence of exploration and at the same time, the exciting prospect of what is to come.

To realise greater potentials in every project, FIGR take an applied and collaborative approach with each client. They become part of problem solving because discovery is about intakes not outtakes. Then, through a synthesis of architecture, art and design, FIGR ceaselessly explore the dialogue between space and people to unearth the right ideas.

Projects by FIGR
  • Brighton House by FIGR

    Brighton House by FIGR

  • Pop Up House FIGR Architecture Studio 14 750x540

    Pop-Up House by FIGR

  • est living silhouette hytte house figr architecture studio 13 1 750x540

    Silhouette Hytte Elwood by FIGR

  • est living interiors figr architecture courtyard house 11 750x540

    Courtyard House by FIGR