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Established in 2014, Flack Studio is an interior design practice based in Melbourne. Their work traverses residential, hospitality and commercial environments. Flack Studio works on Australian and international projects.

Flack Studio’s aesthetic is wholly contemporary yet respectfully classic, inspired by the architecture and design of bygone eras, a thirst for travel and adventure, and the delight of discovering unusual and beautiful things. Their designs are bold and elegantly masculine. They tip their hats to restrained stateliness and offset it with unexpected, light-hearted elements. Holding craftsmanship in high regard, Flack Studio combines warm materials with clean lines, textural palettes and fine detailing. The end result is considered and welcoming spaces.

To ‘Flackify’ something simply means that they help transform their client’s vision into experiences. They are guided by an approach that is genuine and innovative, focused on listening, translating and inspiring people. They believe in trusting their collective gut. Delivering an impeccably detailed, finely crafted and functional product is a given, but paramount to their execution is the importance of having fun. Taking themselves too seriously undermines the creation of a warm and inviting space.


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