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Florian Wild curates gardens which are experiential and evocative. They believe gardens should be emotive – that they should resonate. They make outdoor spaces for respite, contemplation and enjoyment. Their work offers the opportunity to be present – to feel the mood they’ve have shaped. Beauty, whimsy, fun. They experiment with the unexpected, aiming to make spaces feel new and unseen, while also comforting, familiar – even sentimental. Their landscapes speak to their locality, they draw inspiration from experience and memory to create spaces of substance.

Projects by Florian Wild
  • est living Federal House Edition Office 30 750x540

    Exploring Context and Climate with Florian Wild

  • Federal House by Edition Office

    Federal House by Edition Office

  • est living edition office mossy point 02 1 750x540

    Home Tour | Mossy Point by Edition Office