LAHAUS is a modern design studio based in Perth, WA which specialises in residential and commercial interior design. The studio was established in 2013 by Creative Director and Principal, Lara Staunton whose background includes high-end residential and commercial interior design in London and Perth. Lara’s passion for contemporary design and her desire to promote the value of design in Perth inspired her decision to start LAHAUS. LAHAUS’ design philosophy is focused around creating calm environments and feel-good spaces, inspired by the natural environment; spaces that evoke meaning, connection and engagement with the occupants. Natural light, raw materials, neutral-tones and timeless basics, are used to create spaces that are experiences. LAHAUS loves to push creative boundaries, while maintaining a balance between innovation and functionality. LAHAUS has been recognized at the Australian Interior Design Awards in 2019 and the Design Institute of Australia WA Awards in 2018 and 2019. 

Projects by LAHAUS