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Identified by several design magazines as an emerging designer to watch, Phoebe Nicol has now firmly established her reputation as one of the leading young interior architects working in Australia today.

As well as heading up her studio team of designers and architects in Woollahra, Sydney, Phoebe is co-owner with her partner and husband, Jeremy Bowker, of The Vault Sydney – a showroom brimming with unique furniture and inspiring art, both antique and contemporary.

This dedication to sourcing eclectic and distinctive furnishings, cabinetry and art to elevate interior spaces from the ordinary to the exceptional is evident in all of the interior projects that Phoebe and her team undertake. Simple, pared-back elegance is punctuated by statement pieces and design features that reflect and enhance the lifestyle and sensibility of the owners.

Collaborating with a hand-picked group of skilled craftsmen, builders and artisans, Phoebe oversees each task with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a smooth process from initial consultation and design concepts through to the completion of the build and individual styling of each room.

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