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Studio Bright is a Melbourne based practice creating enduring and responsive architecture for people and places. For them, every project is an opportunity to contribute in a positive and generous way to the social and built fabric of our cities. They approach challenges with optimism and consider how design can meet fundamental human needs. And while the scale of their projects might shift, from residential, to civic, educational and multi-residential, each is bound by a sense of craft and considered detail. Often it’s there, where the bigger stories lie. At the most primary level, Studio Bright makes spaces. But they’re about much more than that—they’re about connecting individuals and communities, enriching daily life, and balancing rigour with joy, every step of the way.

Photography: Rory Gardiner & Sean Fennessey

Projects by Studio Bright
  • Autumn House by Studio Bright

    Home Tour | Autumn House by Studio Bright

  • Garden Wall House by Studio Bright

    Garden Wall House by Studio Bright

  • est living 9 yard house studio bright 12 750x540

    8 Yard House by Studio Bright