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Studio Griffiths is a design practice with a strong focus on interiors, buildings and spaces. ­Creative Director Gillianne Griffiths established the practice, based in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, with the philosophy that simplicity, style and elegance are key to successful design. As a trained musician turned designer, Griffiths orchestrates single and multi-residential spaces with a focus on composition, rhythm and harmony, creating interiors that are considered, uncomplicated and highly sophisticated. “As a musician I also learnt about architecture and art, and these became a driving force in my creative expression, as they do for many composers. The volumes and forms of buildings, sculptures and paintings can inspire and shape a line of music,” Griffiths says.  Specialising in bespoke single, multi-residential, retail and workplace projects, Griffiths is dedicated to creating responsive and considered design solutions that reflect the unique personalities of occupants and specific needs of businesses and brands. Griffiths takes a hands-on approach from project commencement to completion, and leads a talented, professional team of designers who consistently deliver spaces that exceed client expectations.

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