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Techne Architecture + Interior Design is a leading mid-sized design studio based in Melbourne. Directed by Nicholas Travers, Justin Northrop and Steve McKeag, Techne has contributed to Australia’s modern design aesthetic by creating spaces that enrich the human experience. The studio’s portfolio encompasses commercial, hospitality, residential and workplace projects, creating bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience.

Integrated to service both architecture and interior needs, both arms of the business entwine, each discipline informing the other. Focusing on authenticity, Techne’s philosophical standpoint and ambition to ‘create poetically’ distinguishes them from other practices. With a recognisable individuality and voice, the strong partnership and shared vision between the directors have enabled them to address challenges by applying innovation and balance to their work.

Techne’s methodology is informed by elements of art, engineering, environment and sustainability to create enduring, practical spaces. The practice’s vibrant yet cohesive designs highlight their ability to produce architectural experiences that last